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4 Hobbies You Can Turn into a Career in the Digital Age

4 Hobbies You Can Turn into a Career in the Digital Age

Jul 23, 2017, 9:00:00 PM

They say that if you find what you love doing you will never have to work a day in your life. Now, in past, this proverb had a skeptical second part claiming that this is due to that field not hiring. Today, however, this is no longer true. You see, in the digital era, it is much easier to turn a hobby into a career since no matter what you are selling (skill or product), there is always someone, somewhere willing to buy it. When we use words like ‘anything’, we literally mean anything, seeing how a person from Canada made a fortune by shipping off a bottled air to a smog-filled China. With this in mind and without further ado, here are a few hobbies, that you could easily turn into a career if you tried hard enough.


  • Freelance Writing


Even though we live in a world where 8 out of 10 people don’t read past the headlines, there is an insane demand for writers out there. Most commonly talking about people writing blog content, but also novelists, TV script writers and songwriters. On the other hand, a bit more modest sum can also be made by writing reviews of TV shows and products online.

The best thing about this particular profession is that it doesn’t require any kind of investment on your side, other than your effort, talent and overall knowledge of English language (provided it is the language you intend to write in). MS Word is the most usual tool you would require, but for those on a tight budget, you can also go with an open source alternative.


  • Web Designer


Another job that is in great demand in 2017 is a web designer. Even though in theory, this is something that virtually anyone could do, in practice, things are not as simple. You see, present-day web designers are no short of artists. The color palette used on the website, the use of contrast, symmetry and the overall layout of the page can all the influence the way in which your site is perceived by the web.

Furthermore, according to experts from an SEO Brisbane based company, the organization of your page and the way in which visitors interact with it have a direct impact on your page’s ranking. Those with high organizational and aesthetic skills might want to consider this as a potential career path.


  • Dog Walker


People who adore dogs might want to turn this into a part-time profession. Now, in the title we stressed out the phrase ‘digital age’ so what does this have to do with walking dogs. Actually, it might help expand your reach by quite a bit and perhaps even make some room for a revolutionary business idea. You see, by making a website, you can perhaps get enough clients that you start doing this full-time. Once your business starts off, you can even fund your app, hire new people and perhaps one day become the next Uber-like corporation in the dog-walking industry.


  • Tour Guide


Finally, those who simply love their hometown might stand to profit from it by offering affordable guides for tourists all over the world. This particular profession is a lucrative and interesting idea, but it does have one significant downside. You see, it requires you to actually live in a tourist hotspot, which is not something that everyone can brag with. On the other hand, aside from earning you some easy money, it also gives you an opportunity to interact with people of different cultures and backgrounds, which can be a reward on its own. Aside from this, it would require you to learn as much trivia surrounding your home and its landmarks as possible, in order to make these tours as unforgettable as possible.

In Conclusion

The above-listed four ideas are merely a tip of the iceberg, with many other exciting opportunities still waiting to get discovered underneath. Honorable mentions are becoming a swim instructor, puppet specialist, newborn photographer and a theater scene carpenter. As you could see from these few examples, the one that suits you the most depends on your personal skills, interests and dispositions. While most of them start as an additional source of revenue, in time, they can turn into a full-time job and even your first self-owned SMB. The opportunities are endless.

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