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Interviewing Soon? How Your Appearance Affects Whether or Not You Get the Position

Interviewing Soon? How Your Appearance Affects Whether or Not You Get the Position

Aug 9, 2017, 9:00:00 PM

During a job interview, remember that a hiring manager isn't just thinking about your resume and responses, they're judging you on your appearance. Like it or not, most people tend to do that.

In a job interview, it's particularly important to make the best impression possible. Getting the job you want can make a huge difference in your future. Here are some tips on looking like a great candidate.


  • Stay Well-Groomed


In an NACE study, 73 percent of interviewers said good grooming was very important. Only six percent said it didn't affect their decisions. Good grooming tells people that you take pride in yourself and pay attention to detail. It says that you take the time and trouble to prepare yourself, and that you care what others think. You want to sell yourself and make a good impression on everyone. Those are all good qualities in an employee.


  • Dress Appropriately


Dressing too casually tells the interviewer that you didn't really care or couldn't make the time to dress professionally. Over-dressing can be awkward, but it's preferable to under-dressing. Stains and sandals are a definite mistake. Even color matters. One UK study suggests that 95 percent of interviewers feel that orange clothing is the most objectionable color, followed by red and pink.

On that note, you never want your clothes to look grungy. If there are wrinkles on your pants or shirt, then take the time to iron them the night before your interview. If you’ll be running around or working before your interview and you know that there’s a chance that your clothes might get messed up, then pack your interview clothes away neatly and get dressed in them right before you need them. Make sure to not let pets, children, or any type of food (food can either leave stains or an odor) near them.


  • Mind the Details


Some observant hiring managers will note the small details. Excessive jewelry, or jewelry that's too flashy, loose, or bulky could be a negative. Bringing a tote bag or knapsack to an interview can be a mistake.

Tattoos are becoming more of a norm, but you should cover them up as much as possible. Tattoos that depict sex or violence are also inappropriate to most employers. One-third of interviewers in the NACE study said that tattoos, unusual hair styles, and body piercings negatively affect their decisions.


  • Make the First Impression


Everything you bring to an interview will form the hiring manager's impression within the first few minutes. First impressions can be hard to change. Not just your appearance, but facial expressions, your speech, and your body language are being noted. A bright smile is particularly important. If you don't have a good set of teeth, consider springing for a cost-effective solutions such as dental veneers. If it gets you a good job sooner, it'll be worth it.

Hiring managers represent their company. They expect employees to do the same. When you're at an interview or on the job, you should leave your personal style at home.

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