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Is 4 Years Too Long? How an Associate Degree Can Help Launch Your Career

Is 4 Years Too Long? How an Associate Degree Can Help Launch Your Career

Aug 9, 2017, 9:00:00 PM

When you graduate high school, all you want to do is enjoy the most prized summer ever. Unfortunately, summer only lasts so long. It seems like only weeks after you walk the line that you start to focus on school and preparing for college life. The idea of completing 12 years of traditional public school to enter into a post-secondary program for another 4 years can be overwhelming. If you want to go to college but you don't want to spend almost half a decade in school (or more!), here's how an Associate Degree could help launch your career:

Complete 2 Years and Meet Educational Requirements

If you're going to study full-time and skip your summers by taking summer sessions, you could earn an Associate Degree in between 18 months to 2 years. Spending just two years in school could make a major difference as you're applying for jobs at Fortune 500 companies.

You might not have a 4-year degree, but many companies are willing to consider applicants with some college for entry-level positions if it's combined with some experience. Meet the educational requirements by completing general education courses without spending too long in a university.

Complete the Education Program Required to Get a Professional License

You might be able to meet educational employment requirements with your 2-year degree, but another advantage of an associates is that you can complete the credits and the coursework that you must have under your belt to sit for a professional licensing exam. Some nurses are only required to possess an Associate of Science in Nursing. You can even become a Respiratory Therapist, Programmer, or a Dental Hygienist, or a Paralegal with nothing more than a 2-year degree.

Gain Your Experience While Earning Money

You don't have to take general education courses and then spend another two years in school taking major courses to have a successful career. In some industries, you learn in a practical work setting. Instead of paying to go to school for an extra two years, apply for positions that require less education and gain experience in the field so that you can increase your earning potential.

Let Your Employer Pay for Advancing Your Education

If you have a two-year Associate of Science degree in IT, such as that you can get from an institution like the Interactive College of Technology, you can most definitely open the door to opportunities and also certifications. Once you're certified and you're able to work in a technical setting without supervision, it might be time to advance your education. What's best about going this route is that there's a huge chance that your employer will pay for some or all of the cost of getting a Bachelor's degree.

Don't avoid going to school entirely because the thought of committing 4 years of your time terrifies you. There are alternatives. Consider testing the college waters before you dive in by enrolling in an Associate Degree program in your concentration of choice.

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