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Thinking Of Switching Careers? 3 Strategies For Success

Thinking Of Switching Careers? 3 Strategies For Success

Aug 21, 2017, 9:00:00 PM

Switching your job is nerve wracking enough for some people but switching careers is a whole other beast. Going from one career that you've dedicated much of your life to another brings with it a whole other set of challenges.

Know Your Strengths

Let's assume that you are currently in the process of switching from one career that you actually went to school for to another, related career, but that requires a little more educational experience. If you went to school and got your degree in finances and have been working as an investment banker for a handful of years, then decide that you would like to try your hand in the educational field as a math teacher, there are a few things that you must figure out and learn to work with. This might require you to go back to school or at least take some additional classes in order to be able to take on this new career with all requirements included. You must also know your strengths and how to work with them, while also strengthening any weaknesses that might hinder this change. A way to better acquaint yourself with your individual strengths and weaknesses might be to consult with a career coach, like those at Ace-Up who can familiarize you with what types of attributes your industry is currently looking for.

Compile A Plan Of Action

A good first step is knowing what you want. The best next step is to get to work creating a plan that will get you from point A to point B. Most people who take up this strategy will write down their plan or make a physical image graph to follow and place it in an area, such a space on their wall, that they can check off and monitor as they progress. This type of visual tool might be your cup of tea or it might not. Others who create this plan of action do so more as a mental checklist that can be easily altered as things progress. How this is plan of action is made is up to you but it should definitely be created from steps that are entirely achievable and in line with your goals.

Understand Your Own Motivation

Get to the heart of the matter and acknowledge why it is you're making this change. Do you want more money from what you spend your time on? Is it a personal dissatisfaction you have with the daily grind that you've found yourself in? Know thyself is a powerful message and it certainly applies to figuring out what has ignited this fire beneath you. When you figure out your motivation it can help you better find what you’re actually looking for.

There's plenty of other ways to prepare yourself as you go through the process of switching careers. It could include getting better at networking and improving the way you recognize how your net of friends and colleagues can help you on your way. Use the tips we mentioned above, as well as others you may find in additional research, to help you really pinpoint where it is you would like to go next.

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